YT Through the Ages

YT Through The Ages (YT TTA) program

"Through the Ages, with its singular blend of rich, passionate language, human experience, and adult mentoring provides a lasting and profoundly positive contribution to both its students and our school.”
- Doug Franklin, former Principal, Monterey Continuation High School

Since 2000, our transformative literacy-based Young Theaterworks program is the only intensive literacy-based theater program in East L.A. that serves highest-risk Continuation/Options high school students, a highly underserved population. Our successful YT Through The Ages (YT TTA) program is a VAPA Standards-based residency consisting of twenty 90-minute sessions that improve literacy, communication, and collaboration skills for highest-risk youth.

  • Provide under-served students access to experiential artistic activities and self-expression through live performance.
  • Improve students’ literacy, communication, and collaboration skills.
  • Give under-served populations access to quality live theater.
  • Foster powerful dialogue among students, theater professionals, and the public.
  • Re-envision buried or misunderstood histories that reflect local cultural and social issues in a contemporary context, and empower students to become stewards of this history.
  • Help LAUSD teachers address State History/Social Studies, Language, and Theater Curriculum Standards.
In the words of the students... 

“The best parts were all the sharing, the laughs, how we all connected in some way, and watching everything be performed.”

“I have learned so much about my community and I would like to learn more. I would like to do other murals if I get the chance.”

“It was hard work. Everyone that helped really put in 100% and more. I learned a lot about people and their style and the story they have to tell.”

“The themes were pertinent to my life because my dad and mom went through the same process; we all have the same connection.”

“The play…it was something unexpected - I lived the moment our parents experienced.”

“I learned to be more open with people who are willing to listen.”

“They taught me how to not think too much about writing or I won’t get anything done, to trust in myself, that my work can be good...”

“When I write now, I will want to put a little bit of me on every page.”

“This program is awesome. It really helped me to open up and realize some cool stuff from everyone in the class.”