L.A. Real

A contemporary Latina uncovers her family’s past cemented over by 250 years of L.A. history. Exploring the myths and nostalgia that affect our perceptions of California, L.A. Real traces the relationships between Los Angeles and its three dominant cultures: Mestizo/Mexican/Californio, Native California Indian, and American-European. L.A. Real incorporates painting, photography, video, and original music.

This production premiered in 1992-1993 as both a one-woman show, and ensemble production, touring locally and nationally; including a remount in 2005-2006.

Artfully abstract… fanciful and free-associative, the piece proves intriguing… with playful, adventuresome Portillo as guide, the audience is always in good company.
— LA Times, 2006

 Solo Performer

Rose Portillo 

Ensemble cast

Rose Portillo, Craig Cavanah, Marco Rodriguez, and
Sal Lopez

written and directed by

Theresa Chavez