Bleeding Through

This production premiered in 2009 at Shakespeare Center/LA.

Chavez and Portillo impressively explore the space to suggest contextual layers, assisted by Francois Pierre Couture’s ambient lighting, Pamela Shaw’s period costumes and the live accompaniment by musicians Scott Collins and Vinny Goila.
— LA Times

Bleeding Through asks you to imagine the past that’s been thoroughly erased by misremembering, bulldozing, and misconceptions of what our collective history encompasses. The central focus of the work is the Narrator’s on-going effort to uncover the story of Molly, an elderly Angelino Heights resident who may or may not have committed murder. The story keeps upending itself through the narrator’s interest in digging up all kinds of intriguing notions, facts, information, and conjectures about not only Los Angeles itself, but the characters he’s met in the neighborhood and its film history.

Written and directed by

Theresa Chavez and Rose Portillo
based on the novella by Norman Klein


David Fruechting, Brian Joseph, Lynn Milgrim, Pete Pano, Elizabeth Rainey, Ed Ramolete, and James Terry
Video only: Kikey Castillo and Michael Manuel


Claudio Rocha – videography
Akeime Mitterlehner - set design
Pamela Shaw - costume design
Scott Collins and Vinny Goila - musicians
François-Pierre Couture - lighting design