Evangeline, the Queen of Make-Believe

2019 remount

1968! East Los Angeles explodes in its own civil rights movement, and the Sunset Strip’s music captivates high school grad, Evangeline, a devoted daughter by day and West Hollywood go-go dancer by night. Spellbound, Evangeline, spreads her wings and lands in the enticing world of the Hollywood art and music scene. But she must reconcile her own personal journey with the need to hold on to familial bonds and a changing neighborhood.

...a taut, rocking, psychedelic evocation of an incomparably fertile era, seen through the eyes of a teenage Latina.
— L.A. Times

Directed By

Theresa Chavez


Theresa Chavez, Rose Portillo, and Louie Pérez

Written By

Theresa Chavez and Rose Portillo


David Hidalgo and Louie Pérez of “Los Lobos”

This remount was presented at Plaza de la Raza’s Margo Albert Theater in April, 2019


Sarah Cortez as Evangeline
with Elizabeth Alvarez, Adrian Brizuela, Moises Castro,
Lennon Hobson, and Keyla Monterroso Mejia

Dance Ensemble

Ariana Gonzalez and Michael ‘Naydoe’ Pinedo

Musicians - “The neighborhood” band

Nina Diaz (Girl in a Coma) with Jorge Gonzalez and Jose Rojas


Original 2012 Production

The original production of Evangeline, the Queen of Make-Believe, created by Theresa Chavez, Rose Portillo , and Louie Pérez premiered in 2012 at The Bootleg Theater. The production was directed by Chavez and Portillo and featured Catherine Lidstone (Evangeline), Daniel Chácon, Jorge Diaz, Danielle Barbosa, Karen Anzoategui, and Georgia Reed. The show featured the original songs of David Hidalgo and Louie Pérez of Los Lobos.

2018 remount

Evangeline, the Queen of Make-Believe was revised and remounted for a full production in 2018 at Plaza de la Raza. The remount featured Ashley Diane as Evangeline and Gaby Moreno as the lead vocalist and guitarist for “The Neighborhood” band. Cast also included: Adrian Brizuela, Moises Castro, Blanca Araceli, Keyla Monterroso Mejia, Kye McCleary, Michael ‘Naydoe’ Pinedo, and Natalia Polisson.

2012 production of  Evangeline

2012 production of Evangeline

2018 production of  Evangeline

2018 production of Evangeline